OB-GYN NORTH is the practice of

Christina Sebestyen, MD, FACOG, Tesa Miller, MD, FACOG, April Schiemenz, MD,
Siobhan Kubesh, CNM, Lisa Carlile, CNM, Kathy Harrison-Short, CNM and Katherine Davidson , FPNP

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Practice Announcement

30 MAY 2011

For the past five years I have devoted my life to empowering women and providing the absolute best medical care for the women of Austin. I founded OB GYN North with the belief that every woman should be encouraged to make choices about her medical care in a supportive, nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Our collaborative practice model has been warmly embraced by our dedicated patients and just this past month we welcomed our 2,000th baby into the world. I am tremendously proud of what we as a community have accomplished together.

It is with this background that I sadly must inform you that Dr. Campainge has separated from OB GYN North. Andrea is an outstanding physician and her clinical care will be missed. She has not yet decided where she will reestablish her practice, but we will notify you as soon as we hear. We wish her the best.
Rest assured that there will be no compromise to our practice philosophy or clinical care during this transition. We all – Christina Sebestyen MD, Lisa Carlile CNM, Kathy Harrison-Short CNM, Liane Miller CNM, and Katherine Davidson NP are dedicated to OB GYN North and the core tenants of quality of care, consistency of care and familiarity with providers.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Melinda Hiscock has joined the practice during this period of transition as a temporary doctor to ensure that all of our patients will continue to have full access to care. Melinda is a strong supporter of natural childbirth and VBAC, and brings a wealth of clinical experience. She may become a permanent member of the team if that is a good fit for her and us.

Additionally, Siobhan Kubesh, a midwife who has worked part-time in the office for the past two years covering vacations has begun providing hospital / delivery coverage to ensure the consistency of our collaborative physician-midwifery practice model.

Hospital coverage will continue as usual with an OB GYN North team of a midwife and/or physician always on call. Please see our website for the updated call schedule – www.obgynnorth.com.

In August, we will welcome Dr. April Schiemenz to OB GYN North who is joining us from St. Louis, and shares our enthusiasm for enabling women in their healthcare decisions.

The heart of OB GYN North remains the teamwork between the dedicated medical providers and our empowered patients. OB GYN North’s heart is strong and our future is bright.

We appreciate you for being part of our community.

Christina Sebestyen MD